Wight Water Magazine

Colin Graham became the Isle Of Wight Surf Club Chairman in 1976, with Mike Smith and Dave Jacobs also on the committee. Roger Powley was given the job of putting together the IOW Surf Club’s 1st magazine. Wight Water Magazine was born, Rog edited the magazine with help from Colin, Mike, and his wife Lyn typing it up.

All the copies made on his firm’s photocopier. The first one came out in the summer of ’76, with the second edition later in the Autumn. The magazine was for the benefit of Island Surfers and Skateboarders and set out in include all information the old newsletter used to include, but with added stories, jokes, cartoons, movie and music reviews adverts, pictures and news from around the country.

Adult membership for the Isle of Wight Surf Club was £1.50 and the club had many events and fundraisers planned for the year, including a bbq, a jumble sale, entering a team in the annual cracker race (wightsurfhistory.co.uk/surfers-win-cracker-race/), a dinner dance and holding the South Coast Competition on the Island. Issue 1 also saw an article giving details of the Islands breaks for beginners, in this issue it was Niton with details of conditions, the wave, the line up and a map showing you how to get there. It also had a piece on the growing interest in skateboarding which we covered here.


Wight Water Issue 1 Cover

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