A Stiff onshore breeze rendered the three to four foot surf  bumpy and unpredictable for the IW Surf Club’s 17th annual competition at Compton Bay on Sunday, but an increasingly high standard of surfing was displayed as the competition progressed.

Wayne Bradley (stock image by Paul Blackley)

A close first heat saw Clive Richardson, Graham Skelley and Steve Williams proceed to the next stage in favour of Wayne Bradley, Mike Smith and Gail Sheath, the only lady competitor.

Gail Sheath (Stock image by Paul Blackley)

Graham Skelley (stock image by Paul Blackley)

Mike Smith (Stock image by Paul Blackley)

Heat two produced and clear winner in Ray Hutchings. Barney Barnes and Dave Downer knocked out Roger Butler, Colin Graham and Dave Jacobs, thereby joining Hutchings in the final.

Dave Downer (Stock image by Paul Blackley)

Meanwhile, a thriving junior section enabled the club to stage a special event for the under 16’s in which they demonstrated the rapid progress made this summer. A worthy winner of this section was Paul Blackley who was presented with a trophy.

Paul Blackley

Under 16's Trophy

Conditions for the senior final improved with the diminishing wind, making for smoother if slightly smaller waves. Hutchings, Richardson and Williams quickly established themselves with good, solid surfing in the available action, and a close result became likely. Barnes, Skelley and Downer all surfed with competence but were eventually outclassed. Richardson consolidated his earlier success with several long, left and right breaking waves which earned him thrid place. Williams, riding a conventional single-fin board, and Hutchings, on a tri-fin design, were closely matched throughout the event. It was Hutchings , however who edged ahead in the closing stages with a right-breaking wave, tightly ridden earning him a high score.

Steve Williams (stock image from Paul Blackley)

Clive Richardson (stock image by Paul Blackley)

Final placings awarded by judges Dave Jacobs and Ann Macpherson were –

  1. Ray Hutchings, 82 points
  2. Steve Williams, 76
  3. Clive Richardson, 67

    Ray Hutchings (stock image from Paul Blackley)

Write up from the IW County Press 5 October 1984 (thanks to Gail Sheath for sending this in)

(The only image from the competition is of Paul Blackley, most of the  other images were taken around the same time)