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Something a little bit different from me today ‘Wipeouts’. We all have them, I’ve certainly had more than I care to remember. Yesterday I somehow managed to capture quite a few on camera. So I thought I’d put a little gallery together of the best wipeouts from yesterday. Maybe we should have a ‘Wipeout of the Year’ Competition.

September Swells Photo Blog (JS) Part one.

South coast surfers spend long flat summer days dreaming of September swells arriving from far-off tropical storms and hurricanes

September Swells begin

The start of September and we have a lovely little swell to get us all back into water. This morning I got up early and was in the water before 6am, although not first in the water as 5 guys went running past me at speed desperate for waves. Still a little wait between sets but like they say, ‘good things come to those who wait’. Shaun Jones came down with a jet ski to practice some tow in surfing. Keep practicing Shaun, at least it kept us amused, in between sets.