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Offshore wind park off the Dorset and Hampshire coasts and to the west of the Isle of Wight

Correspondence Re: Offshore Wind Farm Proposal

Dear Sirs

I am writing to you to ask for information relating to proposed offshore wind park off the Dorset and Hampshire coasts and to the west of the Isle of Wight. I am a wildlife photographer and surfer who has lived on the Isle of Wight for most of my life. I am all for wind power and would welcome a wind park on the Island or off the coast but I do have concerns to the proposed location.

I am currently researching the history of surfing on the Island. The Island has been rich in surfing talent from surf board shapers, big wave pioneers, designers and professional surfers. The current British Champion is from the Isle of Wight. My concerns are that the proposed location of the wind farm sits directly in the path of any swell coming from the Atlantic that give us our waves on the south west of the Island. Can you tell me what impact the wind farm will have on swell. I have many some enquiries and have been told that because of the number of wind turbines and the size of the base of each one that there will be an impact but I have not been given any further information.

Can you also tell me if there are to be any direct benefits to people living on the Isle of Wight.

Kind Regards

Paul Blackley

Barney Barnes

From the Virgin Islands they traveled onto America, working their way across to the west coast. They stopped in North Carolina to stay with Barney’s sister Rosie who was at university there. Word had got around about Barney and Chris’s travels through Europe and across to the Caribbean and onto the U.S.A. and the university president had questioned Barney’s sister Rosie where they would be staying. When he found out that they were staying at her small flat he made arrangements for them to stay at his mansion. The staff were never to remember Barney and Chris’s name properly and they soon became known as Bonnie and Clyde by the them.