Last night the Freshwater Parish Council invited Paul Blackley to be guest speaker at their Annual General meeting at Freshwater Memorial Hall. Paul showed the Councillors and members of the public a slideshow of images taken form the recent Exhibition at Dimbola Museum and Galleries and talked about how the Wight Surf History Project.

Cllr Gill Kennett, Cllr Clive Fleury and Sally Woods with Sid Pitman's JakeWilson surfboard

Cllr Gill Kennett, Chairman Clive Fleury and Sally Woods with Sid Pitman’s JakeWilson surfboard

With Surfboards from the 1960’s including Archie Tricket’s homemade wooden surfboard and other boards from throughout all the decades Paul showed how important Surfing was to the Island especially to the West Wight. Paul included many images of Freshwater Bay and many in the audience were surprised at the quality of the waves as some had never seen surf at Freshwater Bay before and previously didn’t understand why freshwater Bay was so important to the Island Surfing Community.

Paul spoke to Cllr George Cameron about the recent Freshwater Bay harbour plans. Cllr George Cameron assured Paul that there were no plans to make any changes to Freshwater Bay that effect the surf but that discussions were taking place regarding the problems with launching the Lifeboat and what could be done!!! Paul asked Cllr George Cameron to discuss any proposed changes to Freshwater Bay with Surfers Against Sewage which he agreed would make perfect sense.