Surfers to paddle out for Lee Sheaff at Whitecliff

The Surfing community are to pay tribute to Lee Sheaff this Sunday at 5pm at Whitecliff. The plan is to be all ready to paddle out at 5pm so would advise people to please arrive early. Parking is limited so please take this in mind so we can all get on the water to pay our respects to the big man ! Looking at the forecast, there could be a onshore wave at Whitecliff which would be amazing.

It would be really nice if we could all bring something (environment friendly) i.e. flowers that we could take out with us in to the water. I think this would be a really nice touch and we can all say in our own way a little message to Sheaffy.

If someone would like to say something can they please let Chris Mannion know beforehand so he is aware, but this should be a relaxed affair whereby we can all say goodbye to such an amazing friend.

Lets all make this a really upbeat affair and we look forward to seeing as much of the surfing community as possible.

Any photographers that would like to help, a shot from the cliff looking down would be lovely.

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