During a beach clean at Compton last year organised by Surfers Against Sewage local surfer Jamie Currie and his daughter olivia found this satellite tag. Jamie managed to contact the tagging company and received an email from a Gérard Biais from La Rochelle;

The tag that you found was attached on a porbeagle in June 2011 in the West of the Brittany. This shark was a 1.8 m long female. The tag was released after one year as it was programmed, and we got data by satellite transmission that allowed us to know that this fish did a long trip during one year, going first to the North of Ireland in October and then to the South of Spain in February. It is a great surprise and also very interesting that you found this tag because it can allow us to get more data than those we got by satellite transmission to know more precisely where was the shark.

Gérard Biais said it was a great surprise and that they would be able to get more information from the tag than they would from just the satellite transmission.

Jamie said that his daughter olivia was very excited to find out what the tag was attached to and then to find out where it had been.


Satellite tag


Jamie with his daughter Olivia


The Porbeagle Shark being tagged


Satellite tracking of the shark