As the Masters heats started everyone was watching to see what the rips were like, how heavy it was and if there were any makable waves out the back or whether the inside was the go. Chris Mannion was up straight away catching one of the set waves, the conditions looked very difficult and quite heavy, but Chris showed there were some sections to be found. The early heats found a lot of the competitors only catching one wave. Joe Truman got wave of his heat but it was the only wave he caught but enough to progress through to the next round. Jamie Whittle decided to stick to the inside and got two nice waves to the beach. Jamie came in from his heat thinking he hadn’t sone enough only to find that the other three competitors had only caught one wave each.

The final was another all IOW Surf Club affair with Chris Mannion, Joe Truman, Stu Jones and Jamie Whittle heading out into slightly better conditions than the earlier rounds and the sun was almost coming out from behind the clouds. Joe got some lovely waves right to beach, making the most of every section, showing his lovely trade mark cutback and tailslide and almost making a couple of 360’s giving him 1st place. Chris made some big re-entries but it wasn’t quite enough to beat Joe. Stu Jones had a slow start but found a nice wave on the inside right at the end of the final to take 3rd place with Jamie picking up 4th.