Longboard – South Coast Surfing Championships

When the longboard heats started the heavens open and visibility was really poor, but the standard of surfing certainly wasn’t. The recently crowned British Longboard Masters Champion Al Reed was up against some excelent surfing from Adrian Howell, Pete Symms, Nicolai Roterman and others from the Shore Surf Club, but this was the four to progress through the difficult conditions to the final.

During the final we were treated to drop knee turns, big floaters and lots of nose time. Right at the end of the final Al caught a wave out the back bringing it right to the beach hanging 5 for about 5 seconds during his ride and got a little cover up.

Adrian caught a lovely wave right at the end, stalled for a little cover up but sadly it was just after the horn had gone for the end of the final.

Al Reed becoming the Longboard South Coast Champion with Adrian Howell 2nd, Pete Symms 3rd and Nicolai Roterman 4th.