Isle of Wight Surfing Memorabilia

A gallery of Isle of Wight Surfing Memorabilia.

For anything from t-shirts, sweatshirts, badges, patches, mugs, trophies, art, paintings, as long as it is related to Isle of Wight Surfing.

On Friday 13th April 2012, Wight Surf History opens its first exhibition of surf memorabilia and photography of  Isle of Wight Surfing from the last 50 years, at Dimbola Museum and Galleries, Freshwater Bay, Isle of Wight.

The exhibition will show how boards have changed through the decades from Archie Tricket’s home made wooden surfboard from the early 1960’s, Bilbo longboards, the early shortboards and modern equipment including surfboards from 3 times Womens English Champion Zoe Sheath and 2010 British Champion Johnny Fryer.

We also will show how wetsuits have changed from the early ‘duck tail’ two piece wetsuits to the warm winter wetsuits of today. Other items on display will include Trophies, leashes, wax, Isle of Wight Surf Club sweatshirts and magazines. The exhibition will also have photographs showing many of the characters who have influenced surfing on the Island over the last 50 years.