Saturday saw a huge swell hit the Island and I heard it was going off almost right around the Island (Would love to see some pics of the other side of the Island if anyone has any?). I managed to sneak down to the bay for an hour with my camera (was our wedding anniversary so I was supposed to be elsewhere) at lunchtime and then for a bit at dusk to see Chris Mannion, Matt Harwood, Will Rome, Phillip Skelley, Mark New and a couple of others take on some monsters. By lunchtime there was a light SW wind and it mean’t only half of the waves coming into the bay were makeable but it didn’t deter the boys from having a go.

Here is a compilation of clips from the day (apologies my camera sensor is a bit dirty, hence a few dust spots).

I only managed to get some shots of Freshwater Bay but we would love to show images from other spots from Saturday if you want to send them in to us. I hear between Ventnor and Niton it was epic.