I got a text Friday night from a good friend Chris Court to say that Compton could be good in the morning. Compton wasn’t exactly epic but there were some fun waves to be had.

After about an hour and a half I got out and was chatting to Bert and let him try out my camera. We spotted Chris coming to the shore on his belly and then stand up at the waters edge. I told Bert to take a few shots of Chris. As Chris stood his board on end there was a complete reflection of it in the sand. Chris even gave us a wave, but just stood there at the waters edge for some time.

After a while I noticed Chris was very gingerly walking along the beach, only moving his feet an inch at a time. We were the only ones to notice he was struggling and Scott Gardner had gone over to see if he was ok. Scott helped Chris along the beach and back up to his van where he seemed to be in a lot of pain. Chris explained that he had been hit by his own board and couldn’t walk so I gave him a lift home.

Chris then spent a few hours in A&E and found out that he has a broken leg. We all wish you a speedy recovery Chris and I’ll get Jo to make sure you get a nice pink cast on Monday. Hope to see you back out in the line up with a plastic bag over the plaster cast real soon mate.

Photos by Martin ‘Bert’ Spencer