Beachside Bonanza

Surfing, bingo, music… The Isle of Wight has it!

The Isle of Wight is home to almost 140,000 residents, as well as the 2.7 million tourists who visit the island every year. The sights and wonders of this abundant land have captivated the United Kingdom and the world especially during the summer season – when the island’s warmer than usual weather invites more activities for everyone such as surfing, outdoor bingo and concerts. So for people who haven’t heard of this paradise, you must know why the Isle of Wight is such a great place to be in.

IMG_8401The island has a name in the world of watersports as one of the UK’s most versatile locations. Enthusiasts from all over the country flock the land’s southern beaches; attracted not only to the occasional waves of the English Channel but also the coastline’s towering cliffs. For non-surfers, there are a plethora of recreational activities that can be done. One such activity is “beach bingo,” which requires players to look out for random beach items like ‘black and white sand bucket’ and ‘sun tan lotion.’ Online bingo is also gaining a following among beach goers, who prefer to play it on their smartphones or tablets while basking under the sun. Both surfing and playing bingo on the beach are more fun in the company of friends. Before doing any of these activities though, don’t forget to apply skin protection since the summer sun can really be “incredibly rude,” as a Betfair tweetpic tell us.

The scorching hot England sun becomes even more alive during the summertime as it hosts the annual Isle of Wight Festival. Once known as the biggest music festival in the UK, the Isle of Wight Festival has hosted some of the world’s biggest acts including Bon Jovi, Muse, and Sir Paul McCartney.

Indeed, there are a lot of good reasons why one should visit the Isle of Wight. Its adventure-laden seaside, fun games, and vibrant music events make a visit to the beautiful island an awesome experience. Whether it is surfing, bingo or music, the Isle of Wight has it!