On Sunday 29th September the Isle of Wight Surfing Community came together to paddle out at Whitecliff Bay as a tribute for Lee Sheaff who very sadly passed away earlier this year. About 60 people came from all over to paddle out at 5pm to form a circle in remembrance of a great friend. Many bringing flowers out into the ocean which were thrown into the middle of the circle. Organiser Chris Mannion ensured that it was an upbeat affair arranging everyone into the shape of a smiley face as a tribute to Lee who enjoyed life to the full and always with a big smile.

Sheaffy always seemed to be first in the water, would sit deeper than anyone and always manage to pick best set waves. Lee was one of the best surfers the Island has seen, but he still had time to talk to anyone about the waves. If Lee wasn’t surfing he would often be seen walking his dog along the cliff tops at Compton.

Lee will be missed by so many people but never forgotten.

R.I.P. Sheaffy

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A big thanks to Stuart Shore, Chris Boynton, and Cordelia Dewey for all the photographs