Al with a Mickey Dora Black Da Cat Model

Alan Reed placed 3rd in the Masters section at the 60’s Stylemasters at Saunton, North Devon last weekend. Alan became 40 this year and competed in the Masters section for the first time.

The 60’s Stylemasters was the idea of Norman Wright and the Hotdoggers Surf Club from Saunton, North Devon. Al says that the event was started a 8 years a go as an invitational event and the top 30 longboarders from around the country were the first to be invited to compete. Alan has committed to competing in most of the events to date and says it is one of the most fun events he has ever been in.

The 60’s Stylemasters is the only old board contest of its’ kind, always promising the best of old school surfing from surfers all over the UK; British Champions, European Champions and surfers from Jersey to Wales.

The Stylemasters is purely for 60’s boards, only surfboards dating to before 1970 are allowed to be ridden. Surfers go into a draw to pick one of the 10 boards for the competition. Bilbo’s, Dewey Webber, Harbour and a Greg Noll Black Da Cat Model are just some of the boards that are available to ride, some of which are quite heavy. Rollercoasters, Cavemans & El Telephonos as well as other vintage moves are what score the points in this competition. The rules are no leashes and to try and surf as stylishly as possible without losing your board.


Dewey Webber

Not until you try to surf one of these boards yourself do you realise just how talented these guys are.

Al on the nose

Mike Dudley a long time supporter of the competition and the main sponser behind the event. Mike loves the old style of surfing and funds the prize money etc. This year the competition was also sponsored by Gul for the first time. On the land Brian Sawdon had brought along his amazing 1950s British made Ford Pilot ‘woody and the Museum of British Surfing took along their Mobile Museum to the event.

Masters Final - Al Reed, Adrian Howell, Rich Emerson and Rob Wright

Results Open 1st Elliot Dudley, 2nd James Parry, 3rd Ben Haworth, 4th ‘Aussie’ Alex White

Results Masters 1st Rich Emerson, 2nd Rob Wright, 3rd Alan Reed, 4th Adrian Howell

Alan has been a member of the Hotdoggers for many years, competing for them all around the country. Saunton’s Hotdoggers surf club has been around some time. The club is the largest and longest running longboard club in the UK. In the early 70’s it was known as the Redwood Club, in 1984 it became the Chapter Hotdoggers, then in 1997 the club simply became The Hotdoggers a nationally-recognised longboard surf club with members from age 14 to over 70 years.

The Hotdoggers surfers are well travelled from France, Spain and Portugal to Hawaii, California, G Land, Australia and more. The club holds numerous contests throughout the year for all abilities, monthly gatherings, BBQs and other fun social events for members.

Al would also like to thank Wightlink for all their support, without which he wouldn’t be able to compete at such events.

All images by Julie and Al