If you are planning a trip west this year this is a must see. Pete Robinson and his team at the British Museum of Surfing are opening their new exhibition in Braunton this weekend 6th April 2012. They have done a fantastic job over the last few years, uncovering great stories going back over 200 years and have also collected some amazing artefacts, surfboards, wetsuits, pictures and much much more….

6 April 2012 – 24 December 2012 – An Exhibition at the Museum of British Surfing, The Yard, Caen Street, Braunton. North Devon. EX33 1AA

‘The Art of Surf’’ is an exhibition created from the Museum of British Surfing’s collection of surfboards and artwork dating back more than two centuries.

Many people describe the act of surfing as an art, and creativity has been at the heart of the wave riding experience for hundreds of years.

Early explorers sketched surfers; surfers decorated their boards, took photos and made films; advertisers plundered surfing’s rich imagery – and today in Britain there’s a flourishing art scene inspired by surfing.

Now it’s time to immerse yourself in ‘The Art of Surf’.