An Isle of Wight Surf trip to France in 1968 remembered by Graham Sorensen who shared a campsite and waves in a field along with Bob Ward, Elizabeth, Angus, Hutch, Mo, Trevor, Dita and Pat.  Traveled in a green kombi van with a kiwi emblem drawn on the front.

Taken in the month of mid-August 1968 on a non-surfing day, which was rare for the month of August.

The campsite was located [behind Guethary surf spot, owned by an English gentleman who shared his hospitality every night].

We were all surfers and enjoyed the common thread of uncrowded late summer waves.

Bob Ward was travelling with Isle of Wight surfers and was the source of surf knowledge for the Bayonne area.

Isle of Wight Surfers 1968

Background to the photo: Identified persons from left to right:
Elizabeth, Angus, Hutch, Mo, Trevor, Dita and Pat:

The green coloured van was owned by Pete Stuart “Moonie” McAllum, who was living, life guarding and surf board manufacturer in Cornwall. Mo was “Moonie’s” second wife [by herself]!

The board on the rack of the van was typical for the period; an 8 foot “V” bottom by 24 inches wide [didn’t like to turn]!