Something a little bit different from me today ‘Wipeouts’. We all have them, I’ve certainly had more than I care to remember. Yesterday I somehow managed to capture quite a few on camera. So I thought I’d put a little gallery together of the best wipeouts from yesterday. Maybe we should have a ‘Wipeout of the Year’ Competition? Let us know which one would win from yesterday?

4 Responses to “Wipeouts”

  1. jason says:

    great set paul, i think berts dive into the face has to win, and i’d like to say you just caught me landing a floater so not technically a wipe-out, but i dont think i’ll get away with that 🙂

  2. Maggi D says:

    love your stuff! Such stop action, really rocks

  3. RAFF says:

    Ollie is not actually wiping out…he is pulling a very fine laid back turn…..right Ol ? hahaha…

  4. Chris says:

    Surprised I didn’t make this entry, I can usually deliver a wipeout … Assuming I catch a wave I guess!