Rusty Long

Russell ‘Rusty’ Long was one of the first to ever surf on the Island and became one of the original members of the Isle of Wight Surf Club. Here are selection of images of Rusty given to Wight Surf History.

Rusty was friends with the Roger Backhouse, Sue Ellis, John Ainsworth, Kevin Digweed, Geoff ‘Ned’ Garner, Colin Burgess and Colin Hicks who used to hang out together on the cliff tops at Ventnor before starting the Isle of Wight Surf Club in 1967.

Russell Long is believed to have moved to South Africa.




Rusty Long sharing a wave with John Ainsworth





3 Responses to “Rusty Long”

  1. Sid says:

    Had some great surf trips with Rusty, He had a smooth surfing style, and a very good surfer, and was always up for a laugh, I wish we could contact him !!

  2. John Hartnell (Carrots) says:

    Rusty did move to Capetown in 1975 or 6. I had an address for him but couldn’t get in touch with him when I was there in 77.

  3. Rusty says hi. Sitting in Cape Town with him. He says sorry to miss you in 78, Carrots, he got your note you dropped off, He says: “Previously I spent time at Jeffreys Bay point, living in the bush in a van. Much later moved to East London surfing Nahoon but unfortunately after surviving cancer had to stop surfing. Now back in Cape Town.”

    If you want to contact him pop me an email at I’m his son in law and grew up surfing in the Eastern Cape. We love discussing different spots and his travels around Europe and Morocco. I hope to have a wave on the isle of Wight one day where he grew up.
    John Reid
    Cape Town