Dave Gray shapes a board as a school project

Wight Surf History has been given a surfboard originally thought to shaped by Dave Gray as part of a school project

Dave passed the board onto Russell Farrel during the 1980’s and then passed to his brother Steve who has kindly given the board to Wight Surf History.

Dave we would love to know a bit more of this story? The board looks about 7′ long and 4 ” thick. Both the nose and tail have been snapped at one time or another but is a diamond tail and has a box with a wooden single fin.

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2 Responses to “Dave Gray shapes a board as a school project”

  1. Chris Salter says:

    Not §een that board before! I remember Dave making a board from materials bought from Bob Groves in Boscombe, Infinity Surfboards at the time but I swear the board was a sort of lime green with a red fin and the infinity decals on!

  2. david gray says:

    i remember that board i made it at newport c of e middle school for a design and technology project when i was about 12 or 13 i even remember surfing it it was RAD ha ha ha.