Compton 18th Jan 2011

Having missed out on the great waves in the bay on Monday I was really looking forward to getting some left overs at Compton this Tuesday morning. Sadly due to the great Island roads I found a nice big pot hole which was in a puddle outside the Farringford Hotel and my tyre blew out. Luckily I can say I have great friends who were willing to take time out to help me even when the waves were up. Thanks again to Jason and Chris, sorry you missed the best of the waves Jason. Here are a handful of images I took while I was waiting for a new tyre to be fitted. Joe Truman took a Go-Pro Camera mounted to a helmet to try out. If you have any good footage Joe we would love to see it.

2 Responses to “Compton 18th Jan 2011”

  1. jason says:

    these shots are definitely the silver lining to your cloud tho mate, cant remember the last time i got some surfing pics in the SUNSHINE, and nice work, it almost looks like a fun day when you see it like this 🙂

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