2010 with Tad Ciastula

I managed to contact Tad recently and thought many of you would be interested in what he is up to. Tad has also promised to dig out some good shots of the first surf trip to Biarritz in ’71. If you went to Biarritz in ’71 too, please let us know?

Tad is still in the board business working as a Senior Technical Consultant in board production world wide. All boards are now designed on computer and he is doing quite a lot of designs for different companies in surfboards,  kite boards and wake boards. Tad lives in Tarifa, Spain but travels between Thailand and Spain on a monthly basis as he is running a brand new factory in Thailand.

Tad still likes to surf hard and gets to Bali a lot. Tad recently had a trip to Tobago in the Caribbean and got the best waves they were saying in 30 years. Tad says it was maybe the best surf trip of his life. Three weeks anchored off the point on his friends 71 foot boat Gloria. Tad is 59 years old and still surfing, getting plenty of waves and having a ball.

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  1. Howard Eckel says:

    Hi Tad,
    I just saw your details on Facebook. Hope you are doing OK – see you are living in Spain now. I still have the board I bought from you back in late 80’s in Newquay. Not been back to Tobago since 1988, but live in the Caribbean (St Maarten). Do you have a Facebook page – as this page is about you. Drop us line sometime, it would be nice to hear from you.

  2. Joe Kelly says:

    Great to hear that your still rockin’ Tad. I’m not in the business any more but I still see a lot of the old crew. Tommy Armstrong, Max Lomax and the boys around St Merryn…Found some pics of the first board you shaped for me back in 85-6, That must have been just around the time I started 7th Wave up in Glasgow… Andy still has some photos of the shaping road trip with you & Stu Sawyer, the do’s are interesting, what were we thinking! Still speak to Scott Poulter regularly and he’s in regular contact with Dave Cordell in Hawaii. Keep well and keep on surfing. All the best, Joe

  3. Manos says:

    Hello everybody. I just got in my hands a windsurf board from NO WORK TEAM, designed by Tad Ciastula. It is 259cm long, it is also writes SPECTRUM and it is a wave board. Does anyone knows further information about this board? Year of manufacture and litres? I would be very happy to learn about that. It is a beautiful board and I am about to try it on water. Thanx anyway…

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